Biodroga MD Clear + Cleansing Fluid

Biodroga MD


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BIODROGA MD CLEAR + Cleansing Fluid for impure skin

The basis of balanced skin condition is intensive, and most importantly daily, cleansing of the skin, particularly of blemishes and oily areas of the skin. Salicylic acid dissolves thickened, cornified skin and dead skin cells. This means the skin can ‘breathe’ again and skincare products are absorbed better.

Excess sebum is removed from the skin. Slight irritations are soothed by allantoin. The clear, fresh perfume and the smooth texture make the skin feel pure. Comedones, papules and/or pustules are targeted by the BIODROGA MD CLEAR + Cleansing Fluid because the substances zinc gluconate and chlorhexidine digluconate eliminate the factors that cause skin blemishes.


  • For all impure skin types
  • Eliminates the breeding ground for inflammations during cleansing
  • Clarifies the skin and leaves the skin feeling fresh
  • The clear fresh perfume boosts the effect

    Zinc gluconate regulates sebum production and, together with chlorhexidine digluconate, slows down the growth of bacteria that trigger skin blemishes.

    Allantoin stimulates the formation of new skin cells and boosts the regeneration of the skin. It also has skin-soothing properties.

    Salicylic acid dissolves material that clogs pores in the skin and sebaceous glands and helps the skin appear clear and fresh again when used regularly.

    TO USE:

    Mornings and evenings, apply the Cleansing Fluid to moistened skin, emulsify and rinse off with water. Then tone using BIODROGA MD CLEAR + Clarifying Lotion.

    SIZE: 190ml


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