BiodrogaMD™ Even and Perfect Oil Control Matt Fluid

£22.00 £44.00

Care, antiaging effect and UV protection in one product. The beauty fluid improves the skin tone and
leaves a perfectly matted skin.

• Reliable protection against UVA/UVB rays
• Normalization of the sebum production
• BLOTTING-PAPER EFFECT imparts a perfectly matted complexion without drying out skin
• The matte effect lasts for many hours
• Skin is supplied with moisture
• The ideal fi nish product for oily and combination skin
• Reliably stops skin sheen
• Anti-aging effect

SYN-COLL (Tripeptide)
activates the new formation of collagen, skin becomes visibly smoother and suppler

Sebum Balancer (Sebopessina)
normalizes the lipid and moisture level

Oil Absorber (Amihope LL)
has a matting effect without drying out skin takes away skin sheen (blotting-paper effect)

long-lasting skin hydration, strongly matting, reduces skin’s lipid level

Hydroforte (Algisium C )
rich in trace elements and minerals, increases and stabilizes skin’s moisture-binding ability

soothes and diminishes irritations and redness



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