EVEN & PERFECT High UV Protection Cream SPF 30

Biodroga MD

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 BIODROGA MD EVEN & PERFECT High UV Protection Cream SPF 30 are easy-to-use crème-gel formulations which, besides protecting skin with a high sun protection factor against the negative effects of UV radiation, also help skin to keep its evenly pigmented complexion and prevents the formation of pigment spots: Skin obtains an allround protection against sun-induced damages and premature, light-induced aging thanks to innovative UVA/UVB filter systems. Vitamin E acetate has regenerating and conditioning properties and acts as radical scavenger. Alpha Bisabolol soothes irritated skin. Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3. It is effective against hyperpigmentation, stabilizes skin’s moisture balance and its protective barrier.


  • With its sun protection factor 50, it efficiently protects skin against the UVA and UVB rays
  • Easy application thanks to the pleasant crème-gel formula
  • Oil-free and therefore also perfectly suited for oily and combination skin
  • Prevents premature, light-induced skin aging and protects skin against sun-induced skin damages
  • Acts against hyperpigmentation
  • Stabilizes skin’s moisture balance and protective barrier
  • Conditions and protects skin against free radicals
  • Soothes the skin and gives a smooth feel
  • Pleasant and light fresh lemon scent


  • Alpha Bisabolol - BISABOLOL                                     
  • Vitamin E acetate - TOCOPHERYL ACETATE                                     
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) - NIACINAMIDE


  • Alpha Bisabolol - BISABOLOL                                     
  • Vitamin E acetate -TOCOPHERYL ACETATE                                     
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) - NIACINAMIDE

Not suited for children. Avoid contact with the eyes! Avoid the intensive mid-day sun.

    TO USE:  .

    SIZE : 75ml

    IMPORTANT:  Avoid a sun burn by all means. Apply a thin coat of the UV Protection Face Cream as daily protection; before any exposure to the sun (sun bathing/skiing), apply approx. 30 minutes to face generously. In the case of excessive sweating, repeat the application. A repeated application of the sun-protection cream does not extend the time of protection, it rather just maintains the sun protection. The time of exposure to the sun depends on the individual protection time of the skin (depending on the skin type, this is the time that one can expose oneself to the sun without sun-protection products) and the sun-protection factor of the product used.

    UV light, frequently over-dosed, may damage the cell nucleus of the DNS, attack the protective cell membrane of the skin cells and cause inflammatory processes such as redness, swellings or painful formation of blisters being the different pre-stages of a sun burn. UVA and UVB rays both lead to biological modifications in the skin. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to include a protection against both UV-ray types in a medically-based sun-protection product.

    Skin has its natural own defense mechanisms in order to protect itself against damages caused by UV radiation: The horny layer acts as a „natural“ UV filter and is able to absorb or reflect approx. 10% of the UVB and 50% of the UVA rays. With the increasing exposure to radiation, the horny layer becomes thicker. Melanin – also a natural defense mechanism – is developed in the deeper skin layers and absorbs and/or spreads there in particular the UVB rays. In the event of a longer lasting exposure to sun, there are modifications in the blood circulation including widening of the vessels (erythema), increased melanin formation (tanning of skin) and cell renewal (when the skin starts to flake).

    These reactions to an excessive exposure to sun show that the skin tries to repair the UV damages. This means that the popular tan is a mere protection and repair mechanism of the human body.

    Chronic UV damages may, however, lead to premature, light-induced skin ageing and at worst to skin cancer.

    Also, if medicaments are taken which reduce the thickness of the horny layer, or acid containing products such as salicylic or fruit acid, skin must always be protected with a high sun protection factor.    

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