Lacto Peptide 8/10 Serum-in-Cream

Biodroga MD


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This highly effective care is recommended for demanding and sensitive skin. The use together with BIODROGA MD SKIN BOOSTER Anti-Ox Anti-Glycation Serum maximizes the success due to the synergetic effect.


  • Particularly effective anti-ageing care for sensitive skin in the High-End Premium range
  • A very skin-friendly and yet highly efficient skincare
  • Optimized skin tightness, resilience and elasticity
  • Pore-refining
  • Helps to improve skin’s overall look (improvement of skin tone)
  • Supports the regeneration processes of skin
  • Helps to effectively diminish line and wrinkle depth
  • pH value 3,8
  • 2 in 1 product - serum and moisturiser combined


Lactobionic acid belongs to the so-called poly hydroxy acids (PHA). It acts similar to AHA, it is, however, less skin-irritating due to its larger molecule. Therefore, this acid type is the perfect skin-friendly substan ce for sensitive skin. It maintains skin’s moisture and improves skin’s elasticity. Moreover, it has anti-oxidative properties and counteracts skin-damaging oxidation processes. In addition, skin is supported in the field of pore-refining and improvement of the skin tone.  

Matrix peptides improve the collagen synthesis and strengthen the extracellular matrix for an improved structure of the connective-tissue network. As a result, skin’s elasticity is improved and wrinkles are diminished.

EDP3 is a so-called signal peptide belonging to the group of the oligopeptides. EDP3 is a peptide messenger substance which is able to stimulate the elastin synthesis and the formation of other components of the extracellular matrix such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. Additionally, the proliferation of the skin cells is supported. As a consequence, skin’s elasticity is improved and the facial contours look firmed. Moreover, skin’s moisture balance is optimized.

Due to its restructuring properties, it efficiently counters premature, environmentally-induced skin-ageing processes.

TO USE: Mornings and evenings, after the skin-specific cleansing apply a small amount in circular movements. Spare out eye contours.

SIZE: 50ml

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