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Highly efficient fluid with triple effect: BIODROGA MD SKIN BOOSTER PepTox Anti-Expression Lines Serum stands up to expression lines. Due to concentrated peptides it promises an efficient anti-ageing effect and protects skin with anti-oxidants. A sophisticated combination of peptides and acids makes this possible.


  • Highly efficient special fluid with triple effect: Effect similar to Botulinum toxin, anti-aging and anti-Ox
  • Has a “relaxing effect” on expression lines
  • Optimal skin tolerance
  • Guarantees a „barrier-free“ penetration of the ingredients
  • Provides for a balanced moisture level, particularly with dry skin
  • Improves the new formation of collagen and diminishes the look of wrinkles
  • Improves skin’s elasticity and resilience
  • Protects skin due to its anti-oxidative properties


    • Hexapeptide - PALMITOYL HEXAPEPTIDE-19
    • Pro-Matrix-Peptide (Superpeptide) - PALMITOYL TRIPEPTIDE-1, PALMITOYL TETRAPEPTIDE-7
    • Lactobionic acid - LACTOBIONIC ACID          

    Over the years, everyday’s facial expression leaves traces on skin. Based on permanent muscle contractions, caused by the neurotransmitter acetylcholin, wrinkles become deeper and deeper.The synthetic hexapeptide has an effect similar to that of Botulinum toxin. Contrary to medical injections with Botulinum toxin, this topic alternative is painless, non-invasive and has no side effects.

    Facial muscles can relay, the development of expression lines is prevented and existing lines are visibly smoothened out.

    Moreover, this Fluid contains Pro-Matrixpeptides. They improve skin’s natural new formation of collagen and strengthen the extracellular matrix to improve the connective tissue network. This results in a better skin elasticity and diminished wrinkle depth. Lactobionic acid belongs to the so-called Poly Hydroxy Acids (PHA). It works similar to AHA, due to its larger molecule, however, it is less skin-irritating. It maintains skin’s moisture, improves its elasticity and has an anti-oxidative effect. Consequently, the oxidation process, responsible for skin aging, is countered.

    Conditioning and lipid-replenishing shea butter regenerates in particular dry skin. Its moisture level is balanced.

    In order to facilitate a perfect penetration of the ingredients into skin, the formula of the PepTox Serum Fluid contains DMC. DMC has a „skin-related“ structure and composition so that it has a perfect skin tolerance and helps to restore skin’s protective barrier. It maintains moisture in skin and protects it against dryness.

    TO USE: Mornings and evenings, apply a small amount to the skin of face, throat and décolleté after skin-specific cleansing. Lightly pat in and wait until the fluid has been absorbed. Then continue with the specific care/sun protection product.

    SIZE: 30 ml 



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