Biodroga have used their 50 years’ experience and advanced research to create innovative skin care ranges that are suitable for everyone to use. The Biodroga & BiodrogaMD skin care ranges are formulated to solve skin care issues and not to irritate the skin. 

Cutting-edge bio-engineered ingredients with our highly effective biological and plant-based products, together form the basis for the unmatched position Biodroga holds on the skin care market. This unique combination ensures a luxury high-end product that produces maximum results with minimum effort.

From skin cleansers and facial washes to anti-ageing moisturisers and creams, we have a wide selection of product ranges all with different uses. 

The end goal of the Biodroga & BiodrogaMD skin care ranges are to permanently improve the skin’s condition. The products avoid the use of ingredients that might irritate the skin and develop skin care products, which are mostly compatible for all skin types.