OXYGEN FORMULA - Not only do our lungs need the vital oxygen. So does our skin. When it cannot "breathe“ well, it looks pale and dull. Of course, we do not add oxygen to skin with a cosmetic care product. But we boost the oxygen exchange in the skin cells. And this leaves a rosy, fresh and healthy looking complexion.

Fatigued and dull looking skin with a grey veil is not attractive at all. This can be caused by stress, unhealthy nutrition, excessive fast food and smoking.

SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES: From outside, the BIODROGA Oxygen Formula skincare line is our recommendation, also for younger dull skin. Its intelligent ingredient combination leaves skin looking fresher and recovered at once.

INGREDIENTS: In order to give back some of its youthful radiance to dull, fatigued skin, BIODROGA revised the popular Oxygen Formula line. In the focus of the 3 products is the Bioactive Nutri Complex, consisting of Revitalin® and Biopeptides.

Revitalin® consist of sugar-protein combpounds (glycopolypeptides). The substance activates the oxygen exchange between the skin cells and also supports important metabolic processes of skin so that it regains a fresh and rosy complexion.

Biopeptides stimulate the production of new collagen and strengthen the epidermis. They help to plump us first lines „from inside“.