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Anti Age Hair Boost


Skin ageing is an extremely complex topic. A multitude of processes lead to differentiated changes in the skin, which are summarised under the term skin ageing.


The chronological skin ageing is a complex biological process. It is composed of:

• Intrinsic ageing = genetic ageing Intrinsic ageing is genetically determined and leads to reduced activity of skin cells and the resulting skin renewal in the epidermis with increasing age. The natural degeneration of skin substances such as collagen or hyaluronic acid in the connective tissue progresses slowly.

• Extrinsic ageing = „environment induced” skin ageing Extrinsic factors such as UV light, but also different lifestyle habits like diet, consumption of drugs like alcohol or nicotine, daily sleeping hours and stress can accelerate the extrinsic skin ageing.


Skin ageing is a progressive process. With increasing age, the visible signs of skin ageing become more and more pronounced.

Depending on individual predisposition, the first visible effect of skin ageing is often the loss of its radiance and glow . Later, initial dryness wrinkles often become more pronounced wrinkles, which on the one hand develop due to decreasing elasticity and on the other hand become visible as expression wrinkles due to facial expressions.

Due to declining skin functions such as skin cell renewal, the skin becomes thinner and thinner and stores less moisture. The collagen degeneration cannot be balanced completely, and the structuring connection of collagen and elastin fibers is weakened, which causes the skin to lose additional volume. Often, the consequences are sagging facial contours. In addition, the skin often loses its smoothness, pigmentation spots can appear, and the skin structure can become rough and large pored.


ULTIMATE ANTI AGE offers the ultimate active ingredient technology in order to effectively care or the different factors of skin ageing. The Novo Peptide Technology offers the skin a broad spectrum of active ingredients to stimulate the declining processes. From this differentiated offer of solutions, the skin can use the support it needs in accordance with its individual demands. This way, this skin care line becomes a multi talent in the anti age area and can be used from the first signs of skin ageing.