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CLEANSE EVERY DAY: Unless you cleanse your skin thoroughly every day, it makes no sense to invest in expensive skincare products.

WHY SHOULD YOU CLEANSE ? This is because the active ingredients in serums, creams, etc. cannot effectively penetrate the skin, instead they remain on the surface and combine with make-up residues, grime and old flakes of skin to result in blocked pores, making it difficult for the skin to breathe.

WELL CLEANSED SKIN: In contrast, if the skin is properly cleansed, then vitamins, moisturisers and other vital ingredients can penetrate the skin more easily and effectively.

The varied cleansing products in our cleansing range can be selected depending on your skin type.


  • When the cleansing product has been rinsed off, the skin should not feel tight or show signs of reddening. It should feel really good.
  • Use lukewarm water to work in the cleansing product, as hot water can overstimulate the skin, while cold water closes the pores and makes cleansing unnecessarily difficult.
  • Take your time when cleansing – use gentle circling movements.
  • When finished, thoroughly rinse off the product and use a facial toner that is right for your skin type.
  • Why use a facial toner? Because it can help to remove any residues that the cleansing product has left behind. It's always better to cleanse in two steps rather than one. A
  • toner that contains alcohol is only recommended if the skin is prone to producing excessive amounts of sebum, otherwise it can dry out the skin to such an extent that it loses its natural moisture balance.
  • Good cleansing products should also reflect the pH value of the skin.