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Due to an increased sebum production, oily skin shows a shiny and greasy film on its surface. It often looks pale, thick, has large pores and tends to develop impurities. Skin should be thoroughly cleansed. Oil-free care products should be used. Balancing and matting ingredients help to restore its natural balance.


An excessive sebum production is the cause for oily and greasy skin, in particular in the area of forehead, nose and chin. With oily skin, the horny layer is often thickened and due to the increased sebum production, the skin fat cannot be led away via the surface of skin in an adequate way so that the sebaceous gland openings are clogged. Pimples and black heads are the result. Besides disposition, hormones, stress, nicotine and alcohol may be a cause for the development of oily skin.


SEBUM BALANCER - Sebum Balancer normalizes skin’s lipid and moisture balance.

OIL ABSORBER - Oil Absorber has a matting effect without drying skin out and takes away skin sheen (blotting paper effect).

CORN STARCH DERIVATE  - Corn starch derivate leaves a long-lasting, silky skin feeling and has an intense matting effect.

ORGANIC SULFUR  - Organic sulfur has a light drying effect. 

LADY’ MANTLE and CALENDULA EXTRAKT - Lady’s mantle and calendula extract have a skin-soothing effect.