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INSTANT BEAUTY TO GO Effect Care products are indispensable for anybody who wants to achieve maximum results with the care ritual. The regular use of these beauty boosters brings the home SPA treatment to a whole new level.

Whether concentrate or sheet mask thanks to their texture, the concentrated beauty boosters deliver the active ingredients directly to the skin and the valuable molecules can thus unfold their tailored effect in the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Quick results, in short time the special strength of the beauty shots and beauty sheets lies in their concentration of active ingredients. This is how concentrates and sheet masks take effect very fast and intensively. This makes them an essential part of the beauty routine that the experts among the users highly appreciate. Due to the uncomplicated application and perfectly sized portions, they are the ideal add on, both integrated in the daily care routine and as a curative treatment or for special occasions.


BLACK FOREST COMPLEX The BIODROGA Black Forest Complex specially developed by us combines the elements of the mysterious and magical Black Forest. It is composed of elderberry extract, lady fern extract and moss cell extract, which creates an effective powerhouse for the skin. The complex strengthens the skin’s own resistance and supports it in its natural protective functions against urban aggressors. Their adaptability to environmental changes such as ex.: climate stress (hot, humid, cold or dry climate) is thereby improved. Our Black Forest Complex optimizes the moisture content of the skin, lets it come to rest, brings it into balance, promotes its regeneration and at the same time