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Biodroga MD skin booster serums


The Skin Booster range of products has been formulated to target skin issues "problem solvers".

These power serums treat the following:

• Pigment spots
• Acne
• Rosea / Redness
• Enlarged pores
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Calming and barrier strengthing
• Pollution impact
• Micro-inflammations
• Expression lines
• Dehydrated skin

ALL these skin problems benefit from the highly efficient powerful special products. 

  • Masks, various concentrates, serums, fluids and creams have an intense skincare effect which significantly contributes to the improvement of the respective skin tone.
  • The SKIN BOOSTER products consist of targeted ingredient formulations which offer utmost benefit to the respective skin condition.
  • Peptides, vitamins, antioxidants, acids and high-tech ingredients are the elements of these highly efficient power products.
  • High ingredient concentrations contribute to maximum efficiency.


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