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SIGNS OF REDNESS : Millions of people are suffering from dermal overreactions in combination with skin redness, inflammations, pimples, blemishes, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and unpleasant itching. Skin tightness and elasticity are affected by repeated redness. Since due to the inflammatory process which occurs in skin in the case of redness the collagen and elastin fibers, which are important for a firm, elastic skin, are destroyed forever. 

CHARACTERISTICS OF COUPEROSE : Dilated blood vessels in the face, which develops due to a weak connective tissue. The temporary redness is caused by tiny blood vessels that become visible when the blood flow increases. Couperose is considered to be an early stage of rosacea.

CHARACTERISTICS OF ROSACEA : Rosacea is a chronic condition involving permanent skin reddening and clearly visible capillaries. Rosacea is considered to be a dermal disorder, so it should always be treated by a dermatologist.

CAUSES : Emotional instability, stress, excess exposure to UV radiation, spicy food, alcohol and extreme weather conditions can all help to trigger skin reddening.


TELANGYN™ Telangyn™ is a soothing tetrapeptide, which has been specially developed for the cosmetic treatment of couperose and telangiectasias. It is able to counter reddening and the effect of collagenases (enzymes that break the peptide bonds between proline and other amino acids thus helping to prevent the breakdown of collagen). This ingredient improves skin's firmness and elasticity, protects the skin cells against hyperpigmentation and ensures a more even complexion.

Rutin belongs to a group of flavonoids that is found in many types of plants, protecting them against UV radiation. It strengthens the small capillaries in the skin.

Quercetin protects the skin against free radicals damage and premature, environmentally-induced skin aging. Quercetin can also help to prevent skin irritation.

Salicin supports the effect of quercetin and rutin synergistically and has an astringent effect.

Red grape leaf extract strengthens the tissue and vessel walls of small capillaries.

Horse chestnut extract is used in medicine to strengthen veins. It improves the natural resistance of the small capillaries in skin.