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The ongoing in-house research and development by BIODROGA MD searches for and investigates the latest active substances and technologies. THE BIODROGA MD team constantly has an eye on the latest results emerging from dermatology, medicine and cosmetology and uses this information to develop the brands innovative skincare formulations. BIODROGAMD specializes in solution-oriented concepts for every type of skin problem in order to develop products, treatments and machines to deliver optimal skincare for every skin condition.

The end goal of BIODROGAMD is to permanently improve the skin’s condition. Avoids the use of ingredients that might irritate the skin and develops products, which are most compatible for the skin.

What does BIODROGAMD offer you ?
The latest ingredients, such as peptides, Derma Membrace Complex, BioEcolia and EGF. This means that BIODROGAMD’s current ingredient library can provide the skin with optimal benefits and maximum efficacy.

Peeling treatments are an important part of the skincare and treatment portfolio developed by BIODROGAMD, they free the skin of all residue and open the skin up for the ingredients. At the same time, regular peeling treatments boost skin regeneration.

BIODROGAMD offers a range of intensive peeling treatments in various concentrations, ranging from medical strength 50% peels to 20% AHA peels. The range of available peels enables the doctor or aesthetician to select the right peeling treatment for every skin condition.

BIODROGAMD products and treatments are designed so that they are ideally integrated into machine-based treatments, to intensify skincare results even more.