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Beauty highlight with a pampering character.

Masks are the timeless classic among the special beauty highlights. And that has its reason. In addition to their undisputed effectiveness, they also convey the feeling of security, pampering program, time off from everyday life and time for yourself.

What makes the mask so effective? Masks are applied to the skin in a thick layer. A moisture seal forms under this thick layer, causing the horny layer to swell up. This in turn intensifies the uptake of active substances into the epidermis. In addition, masks are true multitalents: because they release their active ingredient power into the skin within 10 minutes.

Masks also have an extremely beneficial effect. After the mask application, the skin feels enormously cared for. It is perfectly moistened and nourished and shows itself at its best just like after a relaxing getaway.

Whether the mask is used as a pampering experience or lifting kick on special occasions, when the skin is particularly stressed, such as after a beach holiday, the skin is visibly and noticeably pleased when given the special additional care program. This is especially the case when the skin is regularly bestowed with this beauty highlight.