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The SKIN BOOSTER serums are a central element of our concept of systematic skin care. The serums offer specifically formulated active ingredient libraries that are precisely matched to the desired product performance. Due to their composition and high concentration of active ingredients, they make the most intensive contribution to the sustainable improvement of the skin situation.


SKIN BOOSTER serums are designed as problem solvers. Peptides, vitamins, antioxidants and high tech active ingredients paired with individual acids form the basis of the highly efficient power products and are therefore the key to maximum effectiveness.

A specially selected acid is integrated into each of our products, which maximises product performance as an active booster.

Generally, a distinction must be made between predominantly nourishing acids such as ex:hyaluronic acid, amino acids, etc. and exfoliating acids such as AHA acid or salicylic acid.

The type of acid, its concentration and the pH of the formulation are decisive for the mode of action. Therefore, by choosing the type of acid, acid concentration and pH value, the finest adjustment to a desired mode of action is possible.

We differentiate all products into the following categories:

• Predominantly nourishing
• Skin layer smoothing
• Exfoliating


In addition to acid peelings, the serums also make an important contribution to pH management. The “normal”

pH of the skin is 4.5 to 5.8. minor fluctuations in the pH value for example, depending on the location (part of the body), the time of year or day and age are normal. However, some skin problems such as impure skin or mature skin can lead to a prolonged pH shift. The skin pH value can increase to values of up to about 6.5. This change can be counteracted by suitable care products such as serums with a slightly acidic pH value. The natural skin barrier and its functions are strengthened, and a healthy skin microbiome is promoted.